To all Public Housing Residents

To all Public Housing residents,

What would you do if you discovered a JEFFERSON CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY (JCHA) credit card was used to pay for the fuel in a JCHA vehicle which was used to attend model railroad events across the USA by the JCHA director?

Do you think the JCHA board would allow such spending and would you also think the JCHA administrative staff would report it if they knew about it?

See how your federal public housing funding was poorly spent here on our website.  The executive director of the Jefferson City Housing Authority is paid more than $100,000.00 a year and is also provided with a JCHA vehicle which was also paid for with Housing Authority funding.  Was your JCHA vehicle used to pull the directors model railroad trailer to model railroad events he attended across the country?

Ask Jim Jenkins (asst director) and Sonya Ross (admin sec.) they knew about the director using your money and your vehicle to attend these personal events. Did they report this spending to anyone? Did they report it to HUD?  Do they say this activity is still occurring?

Read the HUD report and find out what actions the JCHA board took when they were made aware of the JCHA credit card and JCHA vehicle use. Did JCHA board ever notify the JCHA residents about these trips? Is the HUD mission to benefit the needy or the public housing administration?  Why does the public housing director need a full size SUV for JCHA use?

Click the link below to view the list of events:

Are your needs being met by the public housing director?  Is it your money or theirs?  Who is representing you? Who is your JCHA public housing tenant board member?

Should federal money for our Low income, Elderly and Handicapped tenants in Jefferson City have been spent paying for the personal model railroad trips and family vacations by the public housing director? Should the JCHA board approve of public housing money to pay for thousands of dollars in Boy Scout popcorn for the entire JCHA staff bought from the directors’ son?

If you were entrusted to oversee the public funding of our community’s Low Income, Handicapped and Elderly residents, would you use their credit card and vehicle on personal trips or buy unneeded necessities for the JCHA staff? You can make a difference by getting involved and calling the numbers listed below:


CALL HUD HOTLINE.  800-347-3735 option (9)

CALL JCHA BOARD CHAIRMAN.  573-634-9124 (Larry Vincent)


CALL NEWS TRIBIUNE. 573-636-3131



Click the link below to view all the various transactions/events of your money being spent carelessly:

It’s your money.

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Find out the truth behind the Jefferson City Housing Authority

Simply click the “Truth in Public Housing Pages” link to view all the evidence.

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